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Manuka Tree | The Best Benefits for your Health

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Manuka Tree | The Best Benefits for your Health
Manuka Flowers
Manuka Flowers

Manuka Tree Benefits

Native to the picturesque landscape of New Zealand, the Manuka Tree is a shrub-like plant that grows naturally in both dry and wet climates. The bark of the tree was used by early settlers to make tea and it is therefore also known as tea tree.

The bark, leaves and flowers all contain a variety of beneficial health properties that are available in different types of products:

1. Manuka Honey

Honey has a variety of health benefits such as having antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Honey made from bees pollinating the Manuka tree has been proven to provide even greater benefits due to the higher concentration of these properties.

The honey can be used both orally and topically to provide healing and other benefits. Unfortunately, it is necessary to be aware that there is an abundance of fake Manuka honey available. It is essential to ensure that the product is from New Zealand or that it has been produced within an enclosed environment where the Manuka tree is being grown in another location.

2. Essential Oil

Oil extracted from the Manuka tree has been found to be an effective aromatherapy treatment alleviating stress and anxiety. The oil can also be used topically as a natural antibacterial agent and has been found to be more effective than most medical lotions and ointments. It also promotes healing when used topically on cuts, abrasions and even pimples. The benefits of this oil are similar to those of tea tree oil which has been used for centuries as a healing agent and to promote general health.

3. Manuka Tea

Manuka tea can be made from the bark, flowers or dehydrated leaves. However, it is preferable to use the bark as this contains more health benefits. Unfortunately, the tea is bitter and not to everyone’s taste but the health benefits supersede the unpleasant taste. But because all these health benefits can also be received by consuming the honey, which is much more pleasant to consume, the tea from this tree is not very popular or in high demand.

The tea is generally used as a healing agent and is ideal to cure a sore throat but can also combat gingivitis, gum disease and prevent tooth decay and cavities. It is also a great antacid neutralizing excess stomach acid and regulating acid reflux to eliminate heart burn.

Sinus infections and allergies can also benefit from the use of this tea reducing both the symptoms and helping heal the infection in the sinus cavities. It also promotes good digestive health and reduces the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Depending on the part of the tree being used, there are different ways to make the tea from scratch. As mentioned above, the tea is not widely available for purchase due to a lack of demand.

Just about all of the health benefits mentioned are contained in Manuka Honey except for the aromatherapy benefits. The honey is widely available for purchase online but it is important to ensure that you are getting the real McCoy.

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